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Ayurvedic Treatment For Over Mastrubation Side-Effects

 Masturbation. It's one of those things most of us rarely talk about publically but most of us have done or continue to do privately. Exploring our sexuality is a normal part of our development, and masturbation is a typical part of this journey.

If masturbation is so common, why is it so hard to talk about? If it is a normal part of sexual development, how come we can't talk about it openly with our friends and family?
There are perhaps as many answers to this question as there are people on earth, but the simple answer is this: masturbation is typically a solitary behavior. Many people learn to masturbate when they are at an awkward, insecure phase of development. Consequently, it becomes a behavior that's done in secret. Add to this a family, community, or faith tradition that labels masturbation as bad, and we can come to view masturbation as shameful. Even our over-sexualized society stigmatizes masturbation.

As today’s almost every medical doctor say that masturbation is a healthy activity ,for those people it is confusing but from ancient time sages has always opposed the concept of masturbation because masturbation seriously discard the energy flow of body and in future it seriously makes different life troubling disease.

Masturbation is all about sexual stimulation of one's own genitals and further lead himself or herself to the point of orgasm according to definition . Yet Masturbation is always a bad activity because it is a sign of mental disfaction and cause depression problems if continue in future. Frequency of masturbation always increase chance of sexual problems among mens from varying group

Masturbation is harmful with patient s of depression and stress because Masturbation always load your body of mental intoxications It is always mentioned that Masturbation is a healthy sexual behavior. Like other behaviors, when over practiced or addicted it can lead to really serious psychological and physiological imbalances overall in body.

Still many of us believe the masturbation myths we are raised with, which makes it worthwhile to learn the truth about the effects of masturbation on the body and the mind.

Good Effects Of Masturbation : -

 Masturbation can increase self-knowledge:
 Sex educators don’t call masturbation the cornerstone of sexual health for nothing. Masturbation is the first, safest, and best way to get to know how your sexual body works. You can learn what turns you on and what doesn’t. You can learn how to give yourself sexual pleasure in a hurry, or when you’ve got nothing but time. As an educational tool, masturbation is better than any textbook, video or website you’ll ever read (that includes this one!).

 Masturbation can lead to self-discovery:
 Even if you know how to get the job done, masturbatorally speaking, your capacity to feel sexual pleasure is limitless and masturbation is a great way to find new functions for familiar parts. Often when we’re having sex with a partner we might be too self-conscious, shy, or otherwise distracted to pay close attention to what’s happening in our own body. Masturbation, when you’re doing it by yourself, allows you to focus on the subtlety of your own sexual response , and possibly discover things you hadn’t previously realized were part of your sexuality.

 Masturbation is nature’s sleep aid:
 While thinking about sex might keep you up at night having it, including masturbation, is a great way to deal with insomnia. In a 2000 study of U.S. women, 32% said that in the past three months they masturbated as a way to fall asleep. Whether it’s because of the hormones and endorphins released following orgasm, the benefits of clearing your head, or the mini cardio workout, masturbation that ends in orgasm is a great way to get to sleep without pills, television, or counting sheep.

 Masturbation provides pain relief:
 Whether you’re experiencing temporary or chronic pain from sore joints, headaches, menstrual cramps, or other causes, masturbation and orgasm can, in some cases, provide natural pain relief. While we don’t know exactly why, research has documented arousal and orgasm resulting in reduced pain thresholds. It’s worth pointing out that for some conditions (like migraine headaches ) orgasm can either reduce the pain or increase it.

 Masturbation is a great stress reliever:
 Several studies have documented the relaxation effects of masturbation induced orgasm. Aside from the physical benefits, masturbation, when you’re doing it right, is all about “you time” and taking time to focus on yourself is a great way to break up the stress of a busy life. Particularly when used with sexual fantasy, masturbation can be a great escape, a way to let off some steam, and while masturbation alone might not be enough to deal with all the stress in your life, it’s a healthy, free, and non-pharmaceutical tool right at your fingertips (or other body part or sex toy, as the case may be.

 Masturbation may offer cancer prevention:
 Two recent studies found a link between the number of times a man ejaculates and the likelihood of getting prostate cancer. The prostate gland produces and stores seminal fluid and the fluid can build up in the prostate if a man goes a long time without ejaculating. This build up isn’t always a problem, but in the studies men who ejaculate more were less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Another researcher has proposed a theory that orgasm may offer some protective effect against breast cancer via oxytocin released at orgasm.

Sources:  Cornog, M. The Big Book of Masturbation San Francisco: Down There Press, 2003.
 Komisaruk, B., Beyer-Flores, C., and Whipple, B. The Science of Orgasm Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.

Why do people masturbate?

Reasons given by people who masturbate include:
·                     To experience pleasure
·                     To relieve tension (sexual tension or general tension)
·                     To relieve stress
·                     To engage in sex when a partner is unavailable or does not want to have sex
·                     To relax
·                   To learn about what feels good to them and how they like to be stimulated or pleasured

Signs You Masturbate Too Much :-

Here are a few warning signs that your masturbation might be entering unhealthy territory:

. You masturbate to the point of self-injury. There is no magical number of times in a week or amount of time masturbating that is optimal, but if you masturbate to the point where you are harming yourself, chances are you are doing it compulsively.
. You feel the need to masturbate successively. If you simply need a physiological release, once should suffice. If you masturbate three, four or ten times successively this will most likely indicate that you are using masturbation to medicate emotions or escape. This should be a clue to check in with yourself and see how you're using masturbation.
. Masturbation negatively impacts how you feel about yourself. When you masturbate, are you more in touch with your body, your sensations, and your spirituality, or do you feel more numb, lonely, and spiritually disconnected? If you feel less connected after masturbating, you might want to take a look at what role masturbation is playing for you.
. You feel shame about it. Whether the shame is surfacing because of your religious beliefs, societal messages, or family views, shame can be extremely damaging. Shame frequently leads to even further secrecy and maintaining a double life where you look good on the outside but don't feel so good on the inside. It is really important to talk to someone about this shame, since it typically deepens over time.
. You have tried to cut down or stop masturbating but you continue anyway. One main criterion that a behavior has become addictive is loss of control over the activity. If you have made repeated
unsuccessful attempts to stop, or if your behaviors have escalated in the amount of time spent, the frequency, or the intensity of the behaviors, it'd be a good idea to talk to a professional who can help.
. You have become obsessed or preoccupied with masturbation. If you have become preoccupied with thoughts about when and how you will be able to masturbate, there's a good chance it might be a problematic behavior for you.

If you identified with one or more of these warning signs, I would encourage you to reflect on your use of masturbation and what it means to you. If you have a safe person who you can trust, talk to them about it. If you feel like you might be masturbating compulsively, it's really important to talk to a professional who can help. Addictive behaviors don't get better on their own, so talk to someone who has been properly trained to deal with sex addiction or compulsive sexual behaviors. I am available to answer any questions and/or to help you to overcome this habit that might be able to help you !

Side-Effects Of Masturbation :-
When men start to over masturbate, the issue can cause a disruption in the endocrine-nervous system, create hormonal imbalances and alter brain patterns.

Your body has a reserve of hormones, nutrients and neurochemicals it keeps to power your sex drive. O.M. depletes the body of this reserve. Men who masturbate in excess do not allow their bodies to replenish hormones and neurochemicals needed for sex. Because O.M. occurs in stages, men with multiple symptoms should review the table outlined in Severity of Sexual Exhaustion. The more severe a stage, the more symptoms a man will showcase.

Anxiety and Performance Anxiety Attacks
Sex can be thrilling, but first-timers (and veterans) can feel, well…shy. Men can feel anxious or worried about their technique, size or stamina that causes performance issues.

Back Pain or Discomfort
O.M. reduces the production of oxytocin, DHEA, testosterone and DHT. The depletion of these neurochemicals triggers a release of the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2, which is one source for lower-back pain.

Eye Floaters and Fuzzy Vision
Blurry vision or dark spots that cloud your eye sight are caused by a deficiency of cGMP, nitric oxide and acetylcholine in the visual sensory nerves. These deficiencies are intensified by excessive masturbation.

Chronic Fatigue
Cortisol, a steroid hormone meant to increase blood sugar and metabolism, experiences an increase in production after masturbation. Proliferation of the hormone causes an invariable feeling of exhaustion.

Groin Discomfort or Testicular Pain
O.M. exhausts the pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis, which lowers oxytocin, DHEA, testosterone and DHT production. Once these neurochemicals experience a reduction,  the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2 creates pain near the groin and testicles.

Penis Shrinkage
O.M. reduces the amount of growth hormones present in the body. Without growth hormones, the body cannot replenish penile tissue necessary to maintain the penis' size.

Premature Ejaculation
O.M. depletes HGH, testosterone, dopamine and serotonin, neurochemicals that strengthen both the endocrine system and parasympathetic nerves inside your body. Without these neurochemicals, the parasympathetic nerves that control an erection become weak, resulting in premature ejaculation.

Known as prostate inflammation, Prostatitis enlarges the prostate and impedes urinary flow and erectile capacity. Masturbation elevates DHT in the body. When too much DHT is present, the neurochemical inflames the prostate.

Melatonin is a neurochemical that induces sleep. Men who masturbate in excess see a depletion in melatonin that leads to insomnia.

Stress and Mood Swings
Cortisol elevates blood sugar to help manage stress. Except O.M. increases the production of cortisol to such high levels that it causes more stress. Meanwhile, low testosterone levels caused by O.M. results in mood swings.

Thinning Hair
O.M. leads to excessive testosterone-DHT conversion. In response to the imbalance, the body produces cortisol, which induces high levels of prolactin and reduces DHEA, HGH and testosterone production. The sudden shift in neurochemicals causes hair loss.

Weak Erections
Because O.M. depletes necessary hormones for sex, the body cannot experiences a dearth in necessary neurochemicals. Instead, the body is left with a limited supply that renders a male unable to maintain a strong erection.

Other Effects are curved penis , Weak Digestive problems , Mood Swings, Loss of self respect , No mucsles Shameful matrimonial life , Semen in urine, Unsocial and many more…
Not everyone shares the same symptoms. Age, health, genetics, masturbatory activity determine your symptoms. Herballove experts have found that a high percentage of young people who started abusive masturbation before puberty can have multiple symptoms from several different causes.

This is a horrible addiction more addictive and destroy then any other addiction.
For opium/Heroine/ alcohol drugs etc  you have to make your mind ,go and buy it, but masturbation ...

you need your hand and your body... There is nothing like LESS MASTURBATION ,though Some believe there is nothing like OVER MASTURBATION. You masturbate in morning , u urges for it in noon. watch a porn movie in afternoon..then.. and u also going to bed. Because you and your hand all this addiction needed.

How To Recover From This Habit :
First Medicine to get recovery is your "WILL POWER" that will cost 0$ availalbe only at your own shop. Be a MAN . Man's word i will not do it for some months, come one you can control it for some days, to enjoy rest of your life.

Herbal remedies are found to be very beneficial to treat a wide range of health disorders.
Most of the side effects of excess masturbation are reversible with the help of a few simple lifestyle changes and natural home remedies. For starters, you need to –

Avoid Porn – Several men and women have the tendency to satisfy the sexual urges that get aroused through porn by masturbating. Try to switch over to other interesting topics to watch or read about. Get rid of all your CDs and magazines that contain porn and set up some porn-blocking software on your computer.

Exercise – For some, masturbating is just a way of releasing the excess energy that is pent up, due to lack of adequate physical activity. Following a healthy workout routine will not only keep you physically fit but can also reduce the need to masturbate excessively each day.

Get up and about – If you spend most of your time alone at home, in your bedroom, you may feel tempted to masturbate, just to feel a bit better. Make it a point to leave the house for a few hours each day, even if it is just to go for a walk or run a few errands. Enter your bedroom only when you are ready to sleep.

Relax – People who are under a lot of stress try to feel good by masturbating. However, the feeling of well-being brought about by masturbation is temporary and you may experience fatigue or feelings of guilt after a while. When it comes to relaxation, other techniques like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, Tai Chi and massage therapy are a lot more effective. Moreover, these techniques not only relieve stress, but also help you feel good about yourself in the long run.

Eat Healthy – Try to eliminate alcohol, dairy products, red meat, sweets, aerated drinks and caffeine from your diet. At the same time, increase your consumption of soybean, peanuts, sunflower seeds, vegetables and fruits. Make sure that you drink a lot of water during the day.

As per research, regular doing of yoga is one of the natural remedies recommended to get rid of the habit of over masturbation. It calms down nerve cells and reduces the risk of psychological health disorders like depression, anxiety and stress. This in turn stabilizes mood and helps to get rid of problems. Those who wish to gain good result are recommended to do yoga exercises thirty minutes per day. It makes you strong both mentally and physically. Apart from stabilizing your mood conditions, regular doing of yoga is also found to be very effective to provide a wide range of health benefits. Improving blood circulation throughout the body, relieving stress and controlling blood sugar level are some of the important health advantages of doing regular yoga exercises.

In case you find yourself masturbating more than 2 or 3 times a week in spite of following the steps mentioned above, it may be time for you to seek professional advice.You could also check with a health expert, about using a few ayurvedic herbal treatment for masturbation.

Arogyam Pure Herbs Herbal Supplements to cure over masturbation effect were in a form of capsules or pills and available in the market. Such products have no side effects, with good quality and trusted by many who already used this. These supplements help in relieving swelled prostrate gland and revive sexual energy to offset sexual fatigue. These can also supply nutrients and amino acids to the body which are useful in dealing with the effects of too much masturbation. They could even promote blood flow that can eliminate problems like vaginal dryness or weak erections and low libido. These herbs can maintain hormonal balance, strengthens muscles and nervous system.

Even after following such recommended herbal supplements, you still need to limit yourself from doing excessive masturbation. Though you are supplied with such supplements but you do not have much of self-discipline, these will be plainly useless. Take note that healing process will come from you first before the supplements take place. Successful results are enjoyed after you undergone treatment. So, always place yourself in a right order, thus nobody sees you hanging in troubles. Simple ways for simple yet curable problems are just within your efforts.

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  4. I developed premature ejaculation from over masterbation. I use to be able to last 30 mins, now barely a minute. Also lost 1 inch on my penis. Trying to quit but it's really hard. Hopefully I can quit soon. After cutting down i noticed a huge improvement in depression and anxiety

  5. I developed premature ejaculation from over masterbation. I use to be able to last 30 mins, now barely a minute. Also lost 1 inch on my penis. Trying to quit but it's really hard. Hopefully I can quit soon. After cutting down i noticed a huge improvement in depression and anxiety

  6. thats really great Mr. Chirag... Along with this you can use our herbal supplements to recover from its side-effects completely..

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  7. I am 30 year old woman... I had this over masturbation habit in my age 12... nearly 4 years continously. .. I have 1 child (5 year old)now... but for the past 6 years I feel joint pain, eye pain, swelling of eyelid, heartbeat sound in my ears, tiredness, weakness, dryness all over the body, thin hair, poor digestion, CNS pain, neck and low back pain, headache. I am afraid if I think about this and my daughter's health. Bcoz I was not healthy when she was born... pls clear my doubt... and also tell me some remedies to get rid off this... if there is a problem to my daughter also pls guide me what I have to do.. if you do this I will be grateful to u in my lifetime. Thank you

  8. I am 30 year old woman... I had this over masturbation habit in my age 12... nearly 4 years continously. .. I have 1 child (5 year old)now... but for the past 6 years I feel joint pain, eye pain, swelling of eyelid, heartbeat sound in my ears, tiredness, weakness, dryness all over the body, thin hair, poor digestion, CNS pain, neck and low back pain, headache. I am afraid if I think about this and my daughter's health. Bcoz I was not healthy when she was born... pls clear my doubt... and also tell me some remedies to get rid off this... if there is a problem to my daughter also pls guide me what I have to do.. if you do this I will be grateful to u in my lifetime. Thank you

  9. Hello Mam...

    We really appreciates your concern and yes ! surely these all are side-effects of over masturbation.

    regarding the effect of your masturbation on your daughter health - no, your issue do not impart any health problem to her.

    but surely you need to take herbal treatment urgently..

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  10. Hi my self Aryan m 30yrs old I got married 2yrs back.i want to tell u first my past life at the age 16 I started masterbating everyday I was masterbating watching too many porns also.after passing out college I met so many girls through social networking I had sex with 3 to 4 girls but still I was masterbating also m sexually very active person. Then I decided I want to stop these things so I got married.but after marriage also my problem not get over because of my wife she is not so active about sex she is from Mumbai but don't know anything about sex and how to do it seduce me x gf were too gud now slowly we started fighting with each other on this topic so started going in depression slowly I started masterbating and watching porn. Now again I started too much masterbating and watching porn. I don't feel like having sex with my wife but feeling like having sex with other wonen. Now when we do sex for baby m not getting proper erection and my sperm takes too much time to come out some time don't come only so m very depressed now tell me sir what I do now...

  11. Hello Mr. Anand.... We really appreciate your concern. Now regarrding your loss of erection and other are definitely due to side-effects of over masturbation and incomplete love and affection with love bonding with each other... stress and tension are aggrevating factors.

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    1. Hello Mr. Ravi,

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  16. I am having chronic joint pain due to Over masturbation. My age is just 22. I can hear sounds from my knee joints when I feel it with my hand. Is it can be cured?

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  18. Since 2010 up to I haven't stop my hand and back is highly paining,I fill like to cry when I wake up in the morning.Pls help me with an advice

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  43. I am a girl i started masturbation when i was 12 years old now i am 20 years old i am facing horrible effects of masturbation i didn't knew the bad effects of this habit now i am facing weakness my body is very thin my joints legs arms are very thin my vaginal size become big i have chronic acne for 4 years and my height is 5'4 weight is 42kgs i have ordered shitavari powder and any guide for me?

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  46. hi pls help to resolve my problem.i doning masterbutation from i was 14teen yers and stoped in married in 2017 but no one day i fill pleasure in sex now going to get a baby .but i am not stasfified in sex and never fill oregasm during sex or never fill climex when i droped seman it fill like urniel outs,
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